Curation Team

Everyday, tens of thousands of new songs are uploaded to ReverbNation. And everyday, we employ a combination of technology and expert review to listen to those songs, looking for the best emerging Artists in the world.

Our international team of trained and tested reviewers is made up of passionate experts and current Industry tastemakers that range from respected DJs, music bloggers, and music supervisors, to producers, managers, and music journalists.

Curation Leadership

Photo of Simon Perry

Simon Perry

Chief Creative Officer, Head of A&R

New York, NY

A respected veteran of the UK music industry, multi-platinum writer/producer, Simon has helped develop and launch the careers of several Artists.

Photo of Matt DuFour

Matt DuFour

Director of CONNECT, A&R Director

New York, NY

From The Cornerstone Agency to The Hard Rock Hotel family, Matt has spent more than 15 years working to develop opportunities and audience for Artists big and small throughout NYC, Chicago, and LA.

AgniCuration Team