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Matt DuFour

From The Cornerstone Agency to The Hard Rock Hotel family, Matt has spent more than 15 years working to develop opportunities and audience for Artists big and small throughout NYC, Chicago, and LA.

rncorpMatt DuFour
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Simon Perry

A respected veteran of the UK music industry, multi-platinum writer/producer Simon Perry has helped develop and launch the careers of several Artists.

rncorpSimon Perry
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Ashlee-Jean Trott

Ashlee-Jean works as an Associate Producer for PBS television, including the Emmy Award-winning radio program “Bluegrass Underground” and “Music City Roots,” a historic Nashville show.

rncorpAshlee-Jean Trott
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Samantha Stephens

Samantha is a longtime host and correspondent for CMT, as well as a respected journalist who has interviewed and profiled some of country’s biggest names.

rncorpSamantha Stephens
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Paul Blest

Paul has spent more than a decade immersed in DIY music culture, covering metal, punk, and hip-hop for Noisey (VICE’s music division) and helping to book and promote bands.

rncorpPaul Blest
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Rachel Kohler

Artist manager and licensing expert Rachel Kohler is Nashville born and bred, but she’s also made her mark in NYC cultivating meaningful relationships with artists and music supervisors.

rncorpRachel Kohler
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Geron Hoy

A Grammy-recognized producer and singer-songwriter, Geron garnered mass acclaim for his album, “Lunatic,” winning fans as diverse as Howard Stern and Starbucks.

rncorpGeron Hoy
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Althea Legaspi

Working as a freelance music critic for the Chicago Tribune, MTV, and NPR-affiliate WBEZ, Althea has been covering all-things-music for more than a decade.

rncorpAlthea Legaspi
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Jessica Gonyea

In addition to touring the world as a successful DJ and frontwoman of several acts, Jessica also boasts a substantial music licensing and modeling career.

rncorpJessica Gonyea
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Schuyler Rooth

A music journalist and curator who has been featured on numerous tastemaker blogs, Schuyler appreciates brave music, both new and old.

rncorpSchuyler Rooth
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